Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

Statement from the Leader of the Official Opposition on Purim

The Leader of the Official Opposition Andrew Scheer, on March 9, 2020 issued the following statement on Purim:

Today, Jew in Canada and around the world celebrate Purim.

The story of Purim captures yet another moment in history when the Jewish people faced destruction at the hands of their enemies. But as we learn from the Scroll of Esther, the story turned from one of darkness and despair, to a miraculous one of victory.

During Purim, Jews will retell the story of Queen Esther, her Uncle Mordecai and the defeat of their enemies, which reminds us of the power of trust in God. Celebrations will include eating hamantaschen pastries, giving to charity, listening to the Megillah, dressing up in costumes, and sharing holiday meals with family and friends.

On behalf of the Conservative Party, I wish all Jews a happy and joyful Purim celebration. Chat sameach!