Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

CJPAC is a national, independent, multi-partisan organization. Our mandate is to engage Jewish and pro-Israel Canadians in the democratic process and to foster active political participation. We are dedicated to helping community members build relationships within the Canadian political arena.

Quick facts:

CJPAC’s unique programs and events inspire Canadians with all levels of political experience – whether new, curious, or already engaged – to become more active in the democratic process:

  • CJPAC has been active in over 22 elections since 2005. Notably, we connected volunteers with 155 campaigns across the country during the 2015 federal election.
  • Also in 2015, we visited 32 communities, big and small, from coast-to-coast, meeting with community leaders and citizens about getting involved in federal election. We held 17 volunteer training sessions and spoke at 144 community events and synagogues, helping to demystify the volunteer process and remind Canadians that each person who gets involved in a campaign makes a difference to our community and our democracy. Our relationships with Jewish communities big and small continue to flourish between elections.
  • Since 2006 more than 350 of our country’s top, pro-Israel politically-engaged university students have gone through the Fellowship, Canada’s premiere political training program. We are proud that over 115 Fellowship alumni have worked in political offices across the country.
  • This school year, over 90 high school students from across the country are participating in our Generation Student Leaders Program, which teaches Jewish students to engage in the democratic process and what it takes to be effective volunteers.
  • In 2018, CJPAC visited 14 summer camps from coast-to-coast and met with over 1,000 campers to educate them about the democratic process and the essentials of getting involved.
  • Attendance and interest in CJPAC’s ACTION parties continues to grow. In 2018, 1700 Jewish and pro-Israel young professionals, plus many of our country’s most distinguished business leaders and philanthropists, along with nearly 80 federal, provincial and municipal elected officials attended our ACTION Parties in Toronto and Montreal. These exciting events generate enthusiasm for political engagement and help build relationships by providing the opportunity for community members to meet with elected officials from all parties and levels of government.