Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

How We’re Different

While there are many community organizations doing great work, the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee (CJPAC) and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) specialize in the political arena. We both exist to serve our community, but our approaches are different, and our mandates often get mixed up. It’s easy to lose track of what all those letters mean.

What is the difference between CIJA and CJPAC?

CJPAC exists to help our community effectively engage in the democratic process, and during elections, fosters active political participation in Canada’s electoral process by encouraging community members to volunteer for candidates and campaigns of their choice.

  • Political engagement
  • Multi-partisan
  • Funded by generous donors from the Jewish and pro-Israel community
  • Builds relationships between politicians of all major parties and members of the community on an individual basis and through relationship-building programs
  • Connects Canadians from coast to coast to volunteer on and support the campaigns or candidates of their choice, ensuring that our community is actively engaged in our democracy at all levels of government and across all major parties
  • Trains the next generation of Canadian leaders to get involved in politics through programs designed for:
    • University and high school students across the country
    • CEGEP students in Quebec
  • Advances the position of Jewish women in politics, government and communications through expert mentorship and training opportunities

CIJA exists to preserve, protect, and promote Jewish life in Canada through advocacy – the process by which a community builds political and public support for a cause or public policy.

  • Advocacy
  • Non-partisan
  • Largely funded by the Federation system though also receives donations directly from generous donors, both through their local annual campaigns and through gifts
  • Donations to support CIJA are eligible for a charitable tax receipt
  • Consults with Jewish and pro-Israel grassroots and leaders to develop community advocacy priorities
  • Lobbies elected officials to ensure those priorities are reflected in the public policy discussion at all levels of government in Canada
  • Brings hundreds of influential Canadians on a mission to Israel every year
  • Develops partnerships with other minority communities (religious, ethnic, LGBTQ2+, political) to advance issues of common interest and to cultivate allies to advance the Jewish community agenda