Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee

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Date: Thursday June 8, 2023 

Time: 8pm ET

Location: Grand Bizarre, Exhibition Place, Toronto


Nearly 1300 people rocked the 2023 Toronto ACTION Party oThursday, June 8, to celebrate political engagement and support for Canada and Israel.

For the 15th year, young professionals, business leaders, philanthropists, political influencers and elected officials (from all three levels of government and the major parties) met to network and talk politics. Think of it as a family reunion. 

The dynamic exchanges between the 63 politicians in attendance, ranging from the
Prime Minister to Ministers to MPPs to mayors, and community members validates our
unwavering dedication. These interactions serve as a testament to our commitment to foster strong relationships.

The night was nothing short of spectacular, thanks to our generous sponsors, our incredible ACTION Co-Chairs and members of our ACTION Committee. Their dedication and commitment to CJPAC’s work and the ACTION Party experience are immensely appreciated. 

There was a premium open bar, bottomless hors d’oeuvres and the chance to connect with our multi-partisan political guests!   

At a time when there is so much polarization, it was special to come together for a multi-partisan event celebrating political engagement.  

Event Chairs

Alanna Clark
Alex Greco
Julia Van Drie
Noah Zatzman


Ashley Abrahams
Geoffrey Aharon
Kayne Alleyne-Adams
Shir Barzilay
Elizabeth Bate
Lee Boswell
Monika Bricker
Melissa Bruno
Alex Byrne-Krzycki
Cameron Doherty
Priyank D’sa
Arjun Gupta
Ian Hall
Jessica Hamilton
Sophie Helpard
Joseph Hillier
Meara Johnson
Mark Kachuck
Sam Kaplun
Jacob Klugsberg
Jonah Kotzer
Sandra Larmour
Ben Levitt
Noah Lew
Kyle Lichtman
Jonathan Mackenzie
Clare Michaels
Andrea Micieli
Kate Moseley-Williams
Alisha Mullay
Samridh Negi
George Ositashvili
Richard Ositashvili
Polina Osmerkina
Lori Ossip
Blair Ostrom
Parth Panwala
Shoshana Pasternak
Dani Peters
David Royer
Tay Rubman
Jeff Rutledge
Udita Samuel
Erich Schmidt
Marissa Steiner
Sarah Weaver
Courtney White
Rafi Yablonsky
Zachary Zarnett – Klein

A list of elected officials and dignitaries in attendance for ACTION 2023 is located here.

2023 Event Photos

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